Ladies Day CD

by MJ Territo

What this recording proves to be is one of the most attractive standards sets imagined, because these standards… are not so standard. Territo… expertly guides this welcome romp through the less known….This is a collection of finely composed songs expertly delivered in a thoughtful and compelling production. Well done! --C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

Ladies Day is a recording of 14 terrific, rarely performed songs composed or with lyrics by women, performed by a crackerjack ensemble of women jazz musicians.

A while back, I was struck by how many of my favorite songs happened to have been written by women. So I put together a set to play with some fabulous women musicians I knew. As we’ve built a repertoire of about 50 tunes, we’ve found that common themes have emerged – resilience, self-reliance, self-awareness, and a sense of humor. Sure, there are love songs, but with a sassy, self-respecting point of view.

Here are three of my favorite tracks. My original, “No Time For Snoozin’” opens the CD. I wrote it one day after waking from an uncharacteristic afternoon nap!

“Strange Fascination” is a rare and quite wonderful song by Mary Lou Williams with lyrics by Ada Moore. Virginia Mayhew delivers the smokin’ sax solo. The rhythm section on these two tracks is Linda Presgrave, piano; Iris Ornig, bass; Barbara Merjan, drums.

“True” takes its musical theme from J.S. Bach’s “Air on A G String.” The delightful Lorraine Feather wrote the lyrics to Dave Grusin’s arrangement of the classic melody. I am accompanied here by harpist Brandee Younger and bassist Iris Ornig.

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